Monday, 5 November 2012

Nicki Minaj Launches Limited Edition Lipstick Line With MAC

Nicki Minaj recently launched her latest limited edition lipstick line – the MAC Viva Glam – in London. And with this launch, the singer is on a quest to raise money to fight AIDS and educate children affected with HIV.
The singer recently told the Guardian: ''Two of my mom's brothers died of AIDS, in Trinidad. It was a long time ago, but they passed, both of them. On top of that, a quarter of a million people in Trinidad have AIDS. That's a lot of people on a tiny island, and it's an island that I'm from.
''Forty percent of adolescents in Trinidad have no education on HIV and AIDS. And that's what the campaign does - it puts it out there on blast. Awareness, awareness, awareness. And my fans really got behind it. They made my lipstick the biggest-selling Mac Viva Glam lipstick ever.''
The Pink Friday singer feels that lipsticks can brighten up a face and said her favorite shades of pink are “well, flamingo pink. Hot pink. Baby pink! HOT PINK! And fuchsia," according to the Guardian.
Meanwhile, while promoting the lipstick, she even gave a live tutorial on how to correctly apply the cosmetic.
When she found out that a male interviewer didn’t know anything about make-up, she grabbed a lipstick from an assistant and proceeded to demonstrate on how to create the perfect pout. But the demo was not on herself. "You've never put on lipstick? [Turns to entourage] Do we have a brand new lipstick? [Grabs lipstick from assistant] Now, I'm going to apply it,” Minaj proceeded to apply pink lipstick on the male journalist.
"Look, you start right on the outer ridges. Oh my God look at how your face is coming to life already! Amazing. I love it. Oh this color is so pretty.
"Oh God. Doesn't he look nice? I swear! I'm not kidding! It looks pretty. I know that's not what you wanted to hear," the Guardian quoted her.


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