Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Shocking: Giant Anaconda Regurgitates A Whole COW In Brazil

After gorging on a large meal, this anaconda presumably decided it was not hungry after all.
This footage of a giant snake regurgitating an entire animal in the Brazilian jungle has become a surprise online hit - despite its gruesome content.
Almost 66,000 people have watched the video on YouTube in just two days.
The footage shows the anaconda vomiting an animal that is completely undigested.
The animal can be seen slowly emerging as the anaconda writhes in the water.
Although when the video was posted online, it suggested the hapless creature was a cow, commenters have debated whether it is in fact a capybara.
The giant rodent, which is related to a guinea pig and weighs up to 66kg (145lb), is native to South America and the preferred prey of the anaconda.


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