Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ehm...That's New: NIMET Warns Of Dehydration During Dry Season

As the dry season sets in, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has warned against dehydration and respiratory disorder.
The Agency also urged Nigerians to prepare for hot and dry weather conditions, following the end of the rainy season.
Residents, especially in the northern and central part, are advised to stay in cool and well-ventilated places.
Temperature across the country is expected to increase by three degrees Celscius.
In a statement made available yesterday in Abuja, NIMET’s Head of Public Relations Unit, Mrs. Eva Azinge strong, dry and dusty wind would be prevalent in the southern part of the country as the season progresses.
It reads: “The increase in temperature will generally result in increase in human discomfort level. The residents in the North and central parts are therefore advised to stay in cool and well-ventilated places.
“They should avoid long exposure to direct sun radiation to reduce incidences of dehydration.”

Now isn't that very informative?


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