Thursday, 29 November 2012

Jamie Foxx Calling Obama 'Lord And Savior' Blasphemy

Jamie Foxx, the prominent American stand-up comedian, has requested the Christian religious activists of his nation to take it easy after the activists were enraged over the comments of Jamie Foxx at the Soul Train Awards show, which labelled Barack Obama, the newly elected US President, as America’s ‘Lord and Saviour.’
Jamie Foxx, the Academy Award winner for his role of Ray Charles in the film, ‘Ray’, has remarked that the Christian religious campaigners shouldn’t take a comedian’s observations so seriously. His declaration on Barack Obama was made in jest, expressed Foxx.
Jamie Foxx, who is also a singer-songwriter with successful albums like Intuition and Unpredictable to his credit, has voiced to the US news show, Entertainment Tonight, that the sociopolitical and religious activists blow out of proportion comments of a comedian for their ideological purposes. A comedian’s task is becoming difficult.
The Jamie Foxx comment on Obama has irked Christian religious organisations like Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (CLRCR), with its President William Donohue proclaiming sarcastically that Jamie Foxx’s epiphany is shocking. William Donohue has expressed that, even though President Barack Obama couldn’t prevent the ‘oceans from rising’ as Obama vowed to do in 2008, Obama has convinced Jamie Foxx that God exists.
CLRCR President has released a declaration, which refers to a 2011 ‘red carpet’ interview, in which Jamie Foxx had uttered that he didn’t know what God meant to him.
The Jamie Foxx remark on Obama was televised in the US on November 25 but was recorded in Las Vegas on November 12, some days after Obama’s reelection to the White House.
The Biblical title, ‘Our Lord and Saviour’, employed by Jamie Foxx for Obama, has been blasted by conservative blogs like Newsbusters.
Fox News commentator, Mary Walter, has remarked that the ‘Django Unchained’ actor’s comments may be rooted in dependence on government. Walter mentioned to Fox News that the arrogant liberals vilify the conservatives as ‘less evolved’ because conservatives love their religion and guns. If the government provides one with everything, the government becomes a societal religion, killing the ‘church religion’, voiced Mary Walter.


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