Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tension in Kaduna Following Bomb Attacks on Three Churches

This is mounting tension in Kaduna following bomb attacks on three churches - one in Trikaniya, a suburb of Kaduna Metropolis, and two in Zaria.
One of the attacks, carried out by two suicide bombers, hit Chris The King Catholic Church, located in Yoruba Street at about 8.45 Sunday morning. The other churches attacked in Zaria are the ECWA church in Wusasa and Apostolic Church in Sabon Gari area.
Although officials are yet to give casualty figures, the incident has, however, raised tension in Kaduna metropolis, as protesting Christian youths in the area of the bomb blast have mounted road blocks along the Nnamdi Azikwe Expressway and are also burring tyres.
Following the bomb incident, other churches across the city quickly ended their morning programmes, while people were seen driving at high speed in apparent attempts to get off the streets and into the relative safety of their homes.
Commercial buses are refusing to ply the southern part of the city as Christians also deserted their churches located in the northern part.
Many residents are expressing fears that unless the government and security forces quickly take decisive action, the highly volatile situation could escalate into a bloody religious crises.
The latest attack is coming exactly one week after a church was bombed in Jos, the Plateau State capital.


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