Monday, 25 June 2012

Flo Rida Fined $7,000 For Lying To Judge

Southern rapper Flo Rida may be a hit on the music charts, but he certainly isn’t a hit in the courtroom.
Flo Rida was just slapped with a $7k fine for lying to a judge in case where Flo Rida is being sued by a former employee who says he paid her below minimum wage as she worked her fingers to the bone. As the story goes, Mahogany Miller is suing the “Wild Ones” rapper alleging he paid her $3.08 an hour. Miller also claims Flo Rida fired her when she aired her grievance about her pay. Flo Rida responded by saying Mahogany Miller was never an employee. Flo Rida says she was only an unpaid intern.
Though Flo Rida claims the whole lawsuit is without merit, there is an issue. When Flo was first served with papers, he didn’t respond to the lawsuit. He later told a judge he was never served with papers . Flo claimed the papers went to an a woman named Stephany Nelson. Flo also claimed he didn’t know Nelson and the address the court had him listed under was false. All were total lies.
Flo Rida later admitted he knows Stephany Nelson because she is an employee of his. Offended by the affront, the judge slapped Flo Rida with an order to pay $7,000 to Mahogany Miller’s lawyers for wasting their time. Though, Flo Rida was forced to cough up Miller’s attorney’s fees, the actual lawsuit is still pending.


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