Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Laugh to this, people

A good friend sent me this and it got me groaning with pain from laughter. 

Only real Nigerians;

 1)check d expiry date of gala after eating it.

 2) Go to church wit extension and bb charger (charging in his presence).

 3) update on BBM "about 2 cross", get hit by a car and still update "dying tinz"

 4) say an opening prayer @ a nite club

 5)go to an eatery and buy bottled water just to watch a soccer match.

 6) go to a shoprite, buy a bottle of coke and spend 30mins. snapping wit champagne bottles.

 7) wear sun shades @ nite.

 8) dress in complete rainbow colours like its rag day and call it colour blocking.

 9) count money after withdrawing from an ATM (we trust no one, not even machines).

 10) wear head warmers @ 45 degrees celsius.

 11) call a fat hausa man "alhaji" and a thin one "aboki".

 12) travel 2 china 4 2days and com back with a british accent.


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