Monday, 25 June 2012

Kim Kardashian bonds with Beyonce

Kim Kardashian has been "welcomed into the clan" by Beyoncé Knowles.
The reality TV star is said to have been desperate to strike up a friendship with the singer since she started dating Kanye West.
Kanye is good friends with the pop sensation's husband Jay-Z and the pair are currently touring together.
Until recently Beyoncé was reportedly keeping her distance from Kim, who shot to fame thanks to a much-publicised sex tape.
"The girls have never really seen eye-to-eye. It's a shame because Jay-Z and Kanye are so close," a source told British newspaper The Sun. "Beyoncé has always viewed Kim as a reality TV star who's not earned her fortune with a specific talent."
According to insiders, the two divas bonded over dinner in Kanye's hotel suite.
They were later photographed watching their partners in concert from the front row of a Birmingham venue.
Watched closely by security guards, the two women were spotted chatting and giggling.
"Kanye organised a dinner in his hotel suite for the girls to clear the air. He's hoping that now they're pals, it will lead to further get-togethers away from the tour. Beyoncé has now welcomed Kim into their clan," the source added.


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