Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stevie Wonder's nephew in court on charges that he extorted singer

Stevie Wonder's nephew and the nephew's girlfriend are due in court Tuesday for a preliminary hearing in connection to an extortion plot against the singer.Alpha Lorenzo Walker, 38, and Tamara Eileen Diaz, 38, face charges of felony extortion of money and other property from Wonder by "means of force and threat."The pair were arrested May 2 by undercover Los Angeles Police Department officers who had posed as the singer's representatives.Walker, a contractor, was also being held on a probation violation.The couple were arrested after allegedly threatening to reveal embarrassing information about Wonder unless he paid them a significant sum of money.Authorities say that, at first, Walker and Diaz demanded $5 million from Wonder, but then their price dropped to just $10,000. 


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