Saturday, 23 June 2012

Killer salt sells in Sapele market

A killer salt is alleges to be in circulation in Sapele market, Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State and unless an urgent measures are implemented the lives of buyers and consumers of the product may be in jeopardy.
The killer salt was discovered during weekend in Sapele, when a major newspaper marketer and popular vendor, Mrs. Patricia Kogoro raised the alarm. She said she brought some salt from the market and discovered that the salt she bought was different from the actual taste of original salt.
“I developed serious stomach ache after I tasted it,”. She said that in an attempt to confirm the originality of the salt, she emptied a full sachet of the substance in a bottle of plain water to examine whether it would dissolve.
According to Mrs. Kogoro, after over 4 days in the bottle water, it failed to dissolve Instead, it settled down at the bottom of the plastic water bottle. It then dawned on her that the salt she brought was not salt but a grinded clay soil.
The Sapele popular vendor said on noticing that the substance was not salt, she alerted neigbours of her finding and some of them confirmed a similar experience.
When she paraded the bottle of water containing  the killer salt to press men Friday, the substance, whitish in nature, was seen to have carefully settle down at the bottom of the water bottle while the water floats on top of it.


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