Saturday, 16 June 2012

Chinese man wants gender changed at 84!

Just what is this world turning into?
 A Chineses man wants to undergo surgery for getting his gender changed at a ripe age of 84. Qian Jinfan, a calligrapher by profession, in Guangdong province decided to disclose his secret four years ago after beginning to wear women's clothes and took hormones to enlarge his breasts, Shanghai Daily. Having given himself a feminine name Yiling, Qian said he wished to turn a woman since he was three but preferred letting it remain a secret until he was 80. "I thought it was great to be a girl since then," Qian said. "When I was around 14, I liked swaying my hips when walking and posing in feminine gestures. But I only showed the real me when I was alone." He said he always longed for transsexual surgery but the procedure always felt too risky and complicated. In September 2009, Qian wrote a letter to express his intention to the organisation in Guangdong province where he retired. After revealing his secret, his relatives, friends and the bureau have shown understanding. "I had prepared to die to defend my decision. To my surprise, they were all very open and accepted it," he said. The calligrapher now lives a woman's life. He goes to women's restrooms and his wife doesn't mind going out with her woman female-dressed husband.


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