Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BREAKING: Police opens fire as Polish football fans attack Russian fans marching through Warsaw

 On the march: Russian fans are escorted by Polish riot police in Warsaw
Police fired warning shots and used water cannons as Polish and Russian football fans clashed in Warsaw. According to reports, the Russians were marching through the capital when they were attacked by a mob of Polish youths.
­Preliminary reports say at least 3 people were injured, and had to be taken to a nearby hospital for treating head injuries. At least one of the injured was a Polish national, with no information available on the other two casualties.
Several minutes before the Russian fans began their march, dozens of Polish hooligans attempted to attack them, but local police officers were able to prevent the attack. Another group of aggressive Poles tried to disrupt the march as it just started, attacking the rally from opposite sides of the street.
Warsaw police was forced to fire warning shots and use water cannons to break up the fighting.
The Russian fans' march was set to coincide with Russia Day, celebrated on the 12th of June, and was sanctioned by city authorities.


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