Monday, 3 December 2012

Two Litres Of Vodka A Day Drinker Lindsay Lohan Insists She Doesn't Need Rehab

First her dad urged the troubled star to seek help after it emerged she is allegedly sinking two bottles of vodka a day, now her friends are said to have intervened too. 
After the nasty bar brawl allegedly Lindsay got into last week in New York she is reportedly hitting the alcohol hard.
It means she has violated her probation again - meaning jail is likely, a possibility that has 'freaked out' the actress, especially if it means Christmas behind bars,.
To add insult to injury Lindsay's bank accounts have been frozen by the IRS after failing to pay tax from 2009- 2011, TMZ claims.
The Liz & Dick star is apparently refusing to go to rehab...even though she has been charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly hitting a woman in a Manhattan night club.
According to TMZ, close friends of Lohan's are urging her to check into a treatment facility before she has appear in court as it could curry favour with the judge.
However, Lohan has emphatically told them she does not have an alcohol problem and has used the fact she has recently completed three movies as proof, the website also reports. 
But on Monday it emerged Lohan, 26, is 'freaked out' about the possibility of spending Christmas behind bars.
Lindsay knows it's almost a foregone conclusion that even if she admits to the probation violation without having a formal hearing, and throws herself at the mercy of the judge, she would be sentenced to significant jail time,' a source told RadarOnline.
Lindsay previously served 13 days in jail in 2010, she said it was the darkest time of her life, her arraignment is December 15, and although she wasn't summoned to appear the judge may now choose to make her as of her lengthy criminal history.
This news comes just a few days after her father Michael apparently implored her to check into the Betty Ford clinic.
'I just want her to go into rehab. I love her and I just want her to get the help she needs,' he told told
However his pleas have fallen on deaf ears as Lohan refuses to speak to him after he leaked a private phone conversation between them to the press, apparently saying he is 'dead to her'. 
Michael added: 'I have called, but of course she has not picked up.'
He said in another report: 'Do I believe Lindsay the new reports that Lindsay is drinking two litres of vodka a day? 
'I believe she's drinking to drown her sorrows. When I was at the Chateau Marmont I saw bottles. People tell me what she's doing.'
TMZ also report that Lohan is actually drinking all day at the moment and the night of the alleged attack she was 'hammered'.
They also claim that sources have said the Mean Girls actress gets 'violent' when she's drunk.
According to reports, Lohan allegedly punched a woman called Tiffany Ava Mitchell in the face at Avenue club after the Justin Bieber concert because they were fighting over Max George from boy band The Wanted.
Lindsay's financial woes are also taking their toll on the actress.
According to TMZ Lindsay owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes and the IRS have seized her bank accounts.
Although Charlie Sheen generously paid Lindsay $100,000 to help with her tax problem it has now emerged that she owes money for 2011 too.


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