Friday, 14 December 2012

Tokyo Takes No. 1 Spot For Best Taxi Services In Travel Survey

The taxi services in Tokyo, Singapore and Dubai are considered the best in the world, according to a latest survey of 40 key tourist cities by tourist guide site TripAdvisor.
In comparison, the taxi services in cities such as Moscow, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur have impressed tourists as the worst, according to the results of the survey based on the reviews of 75, 000 travelers.
The survey asked international and local travelers how they view the tourist cities based on criteria such as the friendliness of local residents, taxi drivers, taxi services, the cleanliness of the streets, ease of travel, public transport, value for money, shopping experience and safety.
Tokyo was regarded as having the friendliest taxi drivers, the best taxi services, the cleanest streets and the best public transport. It is also regarded as the safest city in the world for travelers.
Singapore was just behind Tokyo in terms of the taxi services, clean streets and safety.
New York City, Bangkok and Dubai are considered the best for shopping.
Moscow has obviously the worst performance with its low scores in the friendliness of local residents, taxi drivers, taxi services and the shopping experience.
The local residents in Moscow, London and Hong Kong impressed travelers as the least friendly.
Beijing obviously need to improve its taxi services, too, as its taxi drivers were the second most unfriendly and the taxi services impressed travelers as the second worst among the 40 tourist cities.


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