Friday, 14 December 2012

Man In China With Four Wives, 10 Kids Arrested

Chinese authorities have arrested a legislator found to have four wives.
A district official in the northern province of Shanxi said Li Junwen also had 10 children, and had been detained on suspicion of document forgery. Bigamy is a criminal offence in China, while rules restrict most couples to just one child under the 'one child policy'.
Another 14 people were sacked or given warnings or demotions for negligence or helping Mr Li arrange identity documents for his illegitimate children, said the official reached by phone at the Xiaodian district party committee in the provincial capital of Taiyuan.
The 43-year-old Mr Li had been an appointed representative from Xiaodian and the Communist Party head of the village of Xiquan.
The allegations against Mr Li have been featured prominently in state media as part of an anti-corruption drive.


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