Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Oscar ‘Blade Runner’ Pistorius Threatened To Break Man’s Legs

Oscar Pistorius has been accused of threatening to break another man's legs, according to reports in South Africa.
South Africa's IOL reported that the Paralympic and Olympic star - recently voted one of the top 10 Sexiest Men Alive by People magazine in the USA - was enraged upon returning home from London 2012 to discover that his girlfriend had allegedly cheated on him.
Pistorius was said to be involved in a furious spat with TV producer Quinton van der Burgh over his relationship with the unnamed 18-year-old girl, with a public exchange in a VIP box at the Kylami motor racing circuit becoming so heated that a charged of defamation was laid against Pistorius.
Several other men apparently got dragged in to the argument as it escalated via SMS message in later weeks, among them coal mining millionaire Clifton Shores and football star-turned-TV presenter Marc Batchelor.
Pistorius, known by the nicknames 'Blade Runner' and 'The Fastest Man on No Legs', is alleged to have threatened to break Batchelor's legs.
Both men have made accusations of intimidation against each other, the IOL report continued, and police have begun an investigation to try and discover the truth.
Pistorius, Van der Burgh and Batchelor all attended a meeting with police to try and clear the matter up, though apparently the officers were "so blown away to have the Blade Runner in their office that he had to stay and sign numerous autographs".
The athlete refused to comment on the matter, while Van der Burgh told IOL that the girl at the centre of the controversy "is not [Pistorius's] girlfriend" and admitted that he was "scared for his life".


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