Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Has Janet Jackson Converted To A Muslim For Billionaire Boyfriend?

A reknown Turkish author has claimed that Janet Jackson has converted to Mulism - possibly for her billionaire boyfriend Wissam al Mana.
During an interview with a Turkish network in 2010, Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) revealed that the 46-year-old, along with her late brother Michael Jackson, were practising Muslim.
"I sent that nice Janet Jack­son a copy of my book," Adnan said. "I also sent her late brother a copy. Her brother was a Muslim. Janet is also, in fact, a Mus­lim. Like her brother, she keeps it hidden."
"She is a devout believ­er…like her brother."
According to a source, who spoke to the National Enquirer, it's believed that the singer, who was raised a jehovah's witness, will never publicy address her religion.
"I think Janet knows that the American public as a whole doesn't think too favorably of the Is­lamic religion," the source told the publication.
"It’s highly unlikely she will ever publicly address her religion."
Janet is set to wed her fiance Wissam al Mana in a lavish $20million wedding in Qatar in 2013.


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