Tuesday, 30 October 2012

News: Eminem Announces New Album For 2013

Eminem has teased a possible new LP to be released in 2013.
The rapper alluded to the release of his
eighth solo album by placing an Eminem baseball cap on his online store.
The hat was made in honour of his home baseball team, The Detroit Tigers, ahead of their World Series match against the San Francisco Giants.
On the headgear, the words 'World Champion' are written with a backwards E in the same style as the team's logo. Alongside this are seven years, representing the seven release dates of Slim Shady's previous album releases.
Dates included 1996, representing his Infinite album, 1998, representing The Slim Shady LP, the year 2000, when The Marshall Mathers album was released, and 2002, for The Eminem Show.
However, it's the addition of 2013 that's set tongues wagging, prompting rumours that it could be the release year of his next LP.
Most stars just take to Twitter to spread their news, but Eminem's gone one step further and put it on an accessory. It's too bad his baseball team didn't win in the end, but at least it's one way to get some free advertising for them.
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