Thursday, 23 August 2012

Is Kanye West the New Randy Jackson on 'American Idol'?

Will Kanye West be the new Randy Jackson on American Idol if selected to sit at the judge's table? He's already saying he'd be a better judge than Randy. Is he trying to start trouble before he's even hired?
According to a report from Hollywood Life, a source claims Kanye was building himself up pretty high, and he hasn't even been selected as a judge yet.
"He was talking s*** the other day about he [looks] better than Randy and how played out his'dawg' act is," a source close to Kanye says.
Those are fighting words, aren't they? Is Kanye resorting to his offensive behavior that played out on live TV a while back?
"He was just  ****ing around, though, because [he's] cool with Randy. It's all love. Randy [is] a true G in the music game, and Kanye [has] nothing but love for [him]," the source adds.
It seems Kanye West was only kidding around (as so eloquently stated above) and really has nothing but respect for Randy Jackson. And Kanye also has the backing of girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Even Kim's mom, Kris Jenner, wants him to get the Idol gig.
In all seriousness, there has been talk about Randy Jackson possibly becoming a mentor and leaving the American Idol judge's table. If that's the case, then Kanye might very well wind up as the "new Randy Jackson."


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