Thursday, 18 April 2013

Two Forced To Walk On Hot Coals For Talking In Church


Two friends busted talking during a church sermon were forced to walk over hot coals as punishment, it's reported.
The 14-year-old boy and his 21-year-old companion were hospitalized with horrific burns after the incident in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, on Sunday.
Six men from Zimbabwe's True Gospel Apostolic Faith Church have been arrested and charged with assault, reports the New Zimbabwe website.
"The two victims were accused of talking while the church leader was addressing at the service on Sunday at around 9am," said police spokesman Tarirai Dube.
Dube alleged the gang then marched the duo to an open fire, surrounded them in a circle and pushed them onto the blaze.
"The 21-year-old was seriously burned on both legs and feet, while the 14-year-old suffered burns on his left leg and under both feet," Dube added.
The pair were taken to Chitungwiza Central Hospital, 20 miles south of the capital Harare, and are now in a stable condition.
Church leader Justice Nguni, 35, is believed to have led the attack.
The other men have been named as congregants Courage Macheka, 24, Martin Mazvazvido, 43, Jesca Mushakavanhu, 40, Clifford Murota, 37, and Richard Rushaya, 16.


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