Thursday, 4 April 2013

Na Wa O! Norwegian Exams Rescheduled So Students Can Attend Justin Bieber Gig

Norwegian schools have rescheduled their mid-term exams so that students can be free to attend Justin Bieber concerts.
Five schools have adjusted the timetable so that students will not have to miss exams in order to see Justin Bieber, as fans were prepared to skip the mid-terms to attend the concerts, thinking that it could be one of their only chances as Bieber's tours rarely visit Norway.
Speaking to AFP, Roar Aasen, headmaster at Blindheim secondary school, said, "We find it regrettable, but we preferred to move forward the Norwegian exams to avoid problems. We considered that this was a battle that we could not win."
He said that the teachers had made the decision "three or four months ago, when we found out many students had already bought their tickets."

About half of the girls attending Blindheim were planning to skip in order to travel seven hours to Oslo, where Bieber is performing on 16 and 17 April.
Kristin Halvorsen, Norway's education minister, said that it was up to the school's discretion to make the decision. In an email to Associated Press, she wrote, "I am concerned that students should be concentrating when they take tests and midterms.
"The local schools have the responsibility to schedule the local midterms, and if they think there is any reason to change the dates, they have authority to do so. We've all been 14-years-old and know that interests can be intense."


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