Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bullet Train Derails In Japan - Reports

A Japanese bullet train carrying about 130 passengers and crew
derailed in heavy snow in northern Japan Saturday, although there were no
reports of injuries, media reports said.
The first car of the "Komachi" No. 25 bullet train came off the rails on the
high-speed Akita Shinkansen line in Akita, Japan's national broadcaster
NHK and other media said.
But there were no reports of injuries or casualties following the accident,
NHK said, showing footage of railway officials checking the wheels of the
train bound for Akita station.
NHK said the driver had brought the train to an emergency stop after hearing
a loud noise.
The cause of the derailment has yet to be confirmed, but heavy snow may
have resulted in the accident, local media said.
Immediate confirmation of the reports was not available. East Japan
Railway, which operates the line, said on its website that bullet train services
in the area had been suspended due to heavy snow.


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