Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bieber's Bizarre Behaviour Continues As He Strips Topless At Airport

Justin Bieber topless at Lodz airport, Poland

Justin Bieber fuels fears for his well-being after stripping topless again – at an airport.
The singer’s erratic behaviour continued when he left a car in Poland shirtless, exposing his body to sub-zero temperatures as he walked to the terminal.
He’d just performed a gig in the town of Lodz before heading straight to the airport for his private jet flight.
An official at Lodz Airport insisted Justin removed his clothes of his own accord, saying: “He wasn't told to take off his clothes.
“He had no metal objects on him. He's quite skinny so I assume he was probably freezing.”
His bizarre decision to check out of the country semi-naked follows his London meltdown earlier this month.
The teen titan turned up two hours late to his O2 concert, enraging school-age fans and their parents who were forced to leave early to catch trains home.

Justin Bieber walking topless through Lodz airport

He was then taken to hospital at an O2 gig later that week after complaining that his lungs were hurting before raging at a snapper and threatening to beat him up the following day.
This isn’t the first time Justin has exposed his flesh to the elements.
In London, he walked back to his hotel room following a show in Birmingham wearing only his trousers.


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