Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wealthy Russians Hire Ambulances In Bid To Dodge Moscow Traffic

You cannot be serious! If you want to beat the traffic in Moscow their is a new solution - hire an ambulance

Russian businessmen have adopted a new way to beat Moscow's congested traffic - by hiring an ambulance.
In an age where Russia appears intent on living by it's own rules in a global sense, it appears the country's workers have adopted a similar attitude.
Reports that certain ambulances have been fitted out with plush interiors and a distinct lack of medical supplies have led police to check emergency vehicles in the city.
Traffic levels in the Russian capital are notoriously high, not helped by a huge amount of vehicles parking obstructively, and effectively some blame lays at the feet of President Vladimir Putin.
Police block roads when Putin travels too and from the Kremlin in his Mercedes Pullman, and similar controls have been put in place for trips by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
To help alleviate some of the congestion, as well as commuter's frustrations, Putin has said that he will work from home more regularly, and Medvedev has had the 'graciousness' to insist on using the helicopter more often.
However, these decisions appear not to have pacified time-insistent businessmen, who have turned to hiring ambulances to get them through the traffic.
The vehicles will use their siren to force a path through the traffic, with the final result being that the city high-fliers makes their meeting on time.
Companies advertising rides in 'ambulance taxis' are charging as much as £120 per hour for the luxury.
As reported in Izvestiya newspaper, the police got lucky when they stopped an ambulance when it was found to be breaking traffic conditions.
'The police opened the car to check and saw that the rear cabin was equipped with a class car with comfortable seating for transportation of VIP-passenger,' said a police source.
'Inside there were no health workers, and some men in civilian clothes who refused to identify [themselves].'


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