Friday, 11 January 2013

Judi Dench Sorry Over Bond's Oscar Snub

'Skyfall', Daniel Craig, Judi Dench

Veteran British actress Judi Dench has spoken of her disappointment that the latest James Bond film Skyfall did not feature more prominently in the latest round of Oscar nominations.
The 23rd outing of 007 in a 50-year franchise opened in Britain late last year to rave reviews and broke box office records, but failed to meet expectations in Thursday's shortlist of screen candidates.
"I'm very, very sorry nothing has been recognised," said Dame Judi, who plays MI6 chief M in Skyfall.
"That's a great pity. I thought Sam (Mendes) directed it beautifully. It's a terrific film. I think that all round it was really wonderfully presented, filmed, lit and shot," she added, during an interview with London's Radio 4.
Skyfall received five nominations in Los Angeles in production categories.
British singer Adele made the shortlist for the best song, with Skyfall's theme.
Asked if she thought there was a bias against 007 films when it comes to awards, Dench replied: "I hope not."
The film, starring Daniel Craig as Bond, has eight 2013 Bafta nominations, including one for Outstanding British Film.


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