Friday, 21 June 2013

NA WA O! See What Beckham Is Causing In China

To be a celebrity can be such a good force as well as a very destructive one. In this case, it didn't go down too well.
David Beckham is China's new football ambassador being paid a small fortune to lend his clean-cut image to the Chinese league, which is riddled with corruption and foul play. But instead of demonstrating the virtues of good conduct, David Beckham sparked a stampede in Shanghai that left seven people injured - and forced his visit to be cancelled. Fans stormed the gates of a university football stadium to catch a glimpse of the former England football star on his arrival. A protective wall of security guards and police officers was flattened as Beckham-mania gripped the crowd of 1,000 students and youngsters. One female police officer was carried away with blood streaming from a face wound while another male officer was pictured lying on the ground unconscious with a bloody head wound.
Feast your eyes.




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