Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Corruption: 157 LASTMA Officers Dismissed

The Lagos State Government has sacked 157 officers of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA over cases of gross misconduct.
The names of 100 LASTMA officers sacked in April were published in the in-house newspaper of the state government, Alausa Alert, while 57 others were sacked a few weeks before the latest cleansing.
The sacked officers were indicted for corruption, certificate forgery, bribery and dereliction of duty.
P.M .NEWS also gathered that the names of another batch of about 50 LASTMA officers have just been forwarded to the Personnel Management Board, PMB, the disciplinary organ of the government, to look into cases of gross misconduct against them. They also may be sacked in a few weeks’ to come.
The dismissed LASTMA officers, whose pictures were published in Alausa Alert were made to face the PMB to prove their innocence but failed to do so. The Civil Service Commission has already issued sack letters to the affected officers.
Last year, over 250 LASTMA officers were dismissed by the government over issues ranging from gross misconduct, corruption, among others.
The state government had stated that LASTMA would not tolerate indolence and indiscipline in any form, adding that officers whose behaviour could tarnish the image of the state would be shown the way out.
It added that the public should report officers found misbehaving in the course of performing their official duties to the government for appropriate sanction and discipline.
Since last year, LASTMA officers had been undergoing career evaluation training in batches where they were taught to be professionals and civilised in dealing with the public and were even made to undergo community service.
Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa, at a news conference at the weekend said government would not condone any form of indiscipline among LASTMA officers.
“The LASTMA authority is strict in applying disciplinary measures. Nobody that has done wrong will go unpunished,” he said, adding that it was not in his position to disclose issues of sack of LASTMA officers in public domain as such information were usually pasted in the in-house notice board.


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